Monday, March 26, 2007

Gang of Four

I paid absolutely zero attention to college basketball this year. Zilch. I think the most invested I was all season in college hoops was watching the final seconds of the Gophers vs. Penn State at Red's Savoy Inn after my fiance completed her first half-marathon in January. My parents took us out for some celebratory pizza. On our way out after the meal, my dad made a pit-stop at the men's room. While waiting for him to finish, I caught my only real glimpse all year of the maligned Gopher men, and watched them close out a rare conference win against the truly underwhelming Nittany Lions.

And that was it.

So when March Madness brackets were released, I didn't join in on any office pools, I didn't sign up for any online contests, and in general I cared less than I've cared since before the great Clem Haskins-led Willie Burton/Kevin Lynch/Melvin Newbern/Richard Coffey/Walter Bond Gophers teams of the late '80s/early '90s. But I decided to fill out my brackets anyway because... well... what else is there to do at 2 AM?

So go figure that this is the year that I correctly picked all four teams in the Final Four.

For the record, I have Florida defeating UCLA, Ohio State defeating Georgetown (although, after actually watching these teams play a little bit, I don't feel real great about that pick), and Florida then defeating Ohio State for the championship. I wonder - if that happens - if it'll be the first time ever that one school (Florida) will have defeated another school (Ohio State) in both the college basketball and college football championship games in the same year. We'll see how I do on those predictions.


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